Fix-a-Floor - Extra Strength Bonding Adhesive for Loose & Hollow Tile Repair - Box of 12

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Fix-A-Floor extra strength repair bonding adhesive suitable for tile, marble, porcelain, stone or wooden floors. It even works on surfaces with underfloor heating.

Fix loose and hollow tiles with ease with this extra strength Fix-A-Floor bonding adhesive. An exceptionally strong bonding agent, it can be used with almost all floor tile types, including marble.

 A single tube will cover 4 square feet, and the built in nozzle makes precise application of the adhesive very easy. 

Fix-A-Floor Repair Adhesive "patented", is an Extra Strength Bonding Adhesive customised for the specific use of Re-Bonding loose and hollow tile, marble, stone & squeaky wood floors without the headache and mess of removing or replacing them.

Fix-A-Floor is a simple do it yourself repair that is fast, easy and affordable not to mention fun and quite rewarding to anyone who can operate a drill, caulking gun and mix up a small batch of grout. Works on all sub-floor materials.

Fix-A-Floor Repair Adhesive is Strong & Flexible with elastomeric bonding properties to eliminate any future problems due to foundation settlement, expansion & contraction of the sub floor as well as poor original installation...

Used by professionals for years, now YOU can fix your floor with Fix-A-Floor!!! Fix-A-Floor is Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable & Eco-Friendly!

Large problem area or small problem areas are no problem with Fix-A-Floor! 

Guaranteed for the life of your floor! 

Just Drill & Fill!

The 1/8" tip of the of the 10.1 oz Fix-A-Floor tube has been specially designed and engineered with a pre drilled hole for the sole purpose of filling drilled holes in tile, marble, stone & wood floors. Flow and complete coverage. It has marked lines showing clear cut points of 3/16", 1/4" or any other size you may need. The Tip is extra firm and allows for a strong seal which promotes good


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